Financial Planning for College-Bound Families

Saving for your family’s continuing education, while planning your own retirement, is a balancing act.

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When your child is nearing the end of high school, you might be feeling overwhelmed by a looming question: How are we going to pay for their college education? At Capstone, we help families put a plan in place, increase college affordability, and balance education costs with other financial goals.


Many parents put retirement on the back burner because they’re so focused on four years of tuition costs for their kids. Sound familiar? We help you make empowered saving decisions that set you – and your family – up for long-term success.


We’re firm believers that, through a structured investing approach, you can build a plan that supports both education costs and retirement planning. We help you manage and adjust your portfolio based on academic research, and a focus on low-cost, tax-efficient investing.

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