Financial Planning for College-Bound Families

Funding your children’s education while planning your own retirement is a balancing act.

We help families find the right balance. Find yours today.


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Our relationships with clients begin with a focus on paying for their children’s college. Often when the child is nearing the end of high school, families reach out to us when they realize they don’t have a plan in place to pay for college. We help people increase affordability by making the most of school selection, financial aid, tax opportunities, and using their own savings and income.


It’s often hard to think about your own retirement when you’re staring down the barrel of four years of tuition and housing expenses. Once we have established a college funding plan, we turn to your retirement goals. Together we’ll create a plan that helps you prepare for the retirement you want.


Paying for college and retirement isn’t easy. A big piece of the puzzle can be addressed through a solid investment portfolio. We are firm believers in an approach called structured investing, which allows us to build academically engineered portfolios that are low-cost, tax-efficient, and rooted in tried and true research.

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