Get organized. Get a plan. Get ahead.™

It's time to question the norm.

The financial industry is notorious for making financial planning, investing, and even day-to-day household spending seem very complicated. Why? Unfortunately, the answer is so that those big financial companies can charge you a premium to fix "your problem".

But, it doesn't have to be this way. We're ready to make your financial life simpler and better.

In fact, our mission for each planning client is quite simple:

Get organized. Get a plan. Get ahead.™

It all starts with our consultative meeting process – a systematized way to get to know you, our client, on a personal level. We'll learn about your financial goals and values, help you get organized with our Personal Financial Website, and then collaborate on an actionable plan that will guide you to college, retirement, and investing success.


Get Acquainted Meeting →

  • Discuss your goals & values
  • Identify your opportunities & weaknesses
  • Explore working with our advisory practice

Get Organized Meeting →

  • Collect your Financial Inventory™
  • Set up your Personal Financial Website
  • Assess your investment experience

Get a Plan Meeting →

  • Establish measurable financial goals
  • Build your financial plan together
  • Finalize long-term investment strategy

Get Ahead Meeting

  • Confirm plan action items
  • Review & track goal progress
  • Monitor & report on investments
  • Adjust plan as your situation evolves

Step 1: Get Organized

If you don't master your money, it will master you.

To have real long-term success, you need to manage each and every area of personal finance, like retirement, college, insurance, taxes, and estate. In the past, the thought of making a change or a decision in one of these areas seemed like a monumental task (and still is at most financial companies).

We understand that you want a simpler way. So, we've deployed the best systems and technology we could find, so that "getting things together" in your financial life can feel, well...easy.



Meet your Personal Financial Website

It's like hitting the "easy button" for personal financial organization.


Seamlessly and securely connect all your accounts for a consolidated view.


See if you're on target to reach important financial goals, like college and retirement


Set budgets, categorize transactions, and keep track of how much you're spending and where.


Interactive charts to provide you with increased visibility into your accounts.


Safely store important family documents for quick and easy access.

Education Center

Your own library of videos and resources to increase your financial knowledge.

Step 2: Get a Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Sure, our financial plans are comprehensive and have lots of analysis and statistics that would make any college math professor smile. But, that's the boring (yet necessary) part that most people are not truly seeking. It's the meaning behind those numbers that really matters.

Most importantly to our clients, a thoughtful financial plan means having day-to-day peace of mind and true confidence that lifetime goals, like retirement and college, will be funded as expected. 

When you follow and adhere to a real financial plan, you'll be able to spend confidently today, knowing tomorrow's needs are the path to success. 

Step 3: Get Ahead

Get in shape, and stay in shape.

Much like physical fitness, staying financially fit is as important as getting fit in the first place.

Financial planning is not a one-time event. It is an ever-evolving process that requires constant monitoring and adjusting along the way in order to ensure success.

Think of personal finance like you would personal training – as difficult as it can be to get into great physical shape, it requires just as much hard work to stay in shape.



Take a moment to consider if any of the following capstones have ever happened to you or your family:

  • Got married?
  • Been promoted?
  • Had kids?
  • Considered college costs?
  • Got hit with taxes?
  • Invested in your 401k or IRA?
  • Had a career change?
  • Thought about a start-up?
  • Wondered what insurance you need?
  • Been divorced?
  • Got re-married?
  • Needed a budget?
  • Received an inheritance?
  • Thought about wills or trusts?

These things happen all time, right? Did you update your financial plan to reflect your new financial circumstances? You should've, but you probably didn't.

Want a better way? Come work us. It's like having a personal trainer for your balance sheet....and we're not afraid of a good workout.

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