Meeting #1

Getting Organized

Meeting Content: Intro to Client Website, Financial Inventory

Outcome: Feel organized

Deliverables: Facts Report, Action Items Report

Homework: Categorize transactions, create budget, outstanding discovery items

Meeting #2

Analyzing Cash, Expenses, & Debt

Meeting Content: Review cash flow details, analyze debts, convert current spending into future goals, recommend emergency fund

Outcome: Feel in control, gain awareness

Deliverables: Goals Summary, Cash Flow Report, updated Action Items Report

Homework: Review reports, refine cash flows, complete Risk Number questionnaires

Meeting #3

Goal Planning

Meeting Content: Review amount & timing of goals (retirement, college, etc.), adjust plan "live" to recommended funding levels

Outcome: Feel optimistic, find motivation

Deliverables: Goal Planning Report, Investor Risk Number, updated Action Items Report

Homework: Consider plan recommendations, review investment philosophy

Meeting #4

Investment Planning

Meeting Content: Create an overall asset allocation plan based on goals created, propose investment advisory services for appropriate accounts

Outcome: Feel empowered & enlightened

Deliverables: Asset allocation plan, Investment Policy Statement, updated Action Items Report

Homework: Agree to investment plan, implement investment instructions, open & fund any new managed accounts

Meeting #5

Checking In After 60 Days

Meeting Content: New account progress, online access to investments, planning updates

Outcome: Reassurance & peace of mind

Deliverables: Investment account review, updated Action Items Report

Homework: Work on action items, prepare for first review meeting

Future Meetings

6-Month Reviews  (or as needed)

Meeting Content: Review plan progress (adjust as needed), evaluate portfolio, discuss financial & life changes

Outcome: Rigor, adaptability, & accountability

Deliverables: Goal Planning progress, Net Worth tracker, Portfolio Performance

Homework: Plan changes, provide "course corrections", updated Action Items Report