What is Structured Investing™?

Behavior Gap © 2014

Behavior Gap © 2014

Does this look familiar to you?

We see it everyday.

Buying high and selling low is the total opposite of what most investors set out to do. But, most simply can't help it, as we are hard-wired to act upon these natural emotions of greed and fear.

It's not wrong, it's just who we are as human beings.

What can you do about it?

Call us biased, but we think you should work with a pro. And there's proof that it pays off – in the form of an extra 3% profit per year, according to a recent study.

Besides, have you won a Nobel Prize in Economics for Modern Portfolio Theory lately? Because Dr. Harry Markowitz, head of our Investment Committee, has actually done just that.

With a meaningful set of financial goals, we'll craft an investing blueprint that covers your entire household balance sheet (yes, even your 401k).

It's called an Investment Policy Statement.

What is an Investment Policy Statement?

We thought you might ask, so we put together this cool little video to help us explain things a bit better.

Bonus points if you recognize the finely mustached narrator.

The 4 Keys to Structured Investing™:


Enhance Return

  • Efficient Markets
  • Global Diversification
  • Factor Premiums

Decrease Costs

  • Asset Class Investing
  • Dimensional Funds
  • No Commissions

Lower Taxes

  • Passive+ Style
  • Loss Harvesting
  • Low Short-Term Gains

Control Risk

  • Strict Investment Policy
  • Systematic Rebalancing
  • Behavior Management

Because investing is such an inexact science, it is far better to be approximately right, than precisely wrong.
— Warren Buffett

Curious as to how your portfolio stacks up?

Learn more about how Structured Investing™ can work for you, as well as our modern approach to Financial Planning.

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