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How to Find the Right College for You presented by Meredith Graham of Collegewise.

There are over 2,000 four-year colleges in the United States for students to consider. How can families identify those schools at which their student will be happiest and most successful? This seminar will teach attendees how to be savvy college shoppers. We’ll share ways to recognize what types of colleges might be good fits and show attendees how to evaluate the many factors that need to be considered like size, location, and majors. We’ll even discuss how to visit colleges, a college planning ritual that sounds easy but can sometimes be as stressful as full-contact karate.

Meredith Graham spent nearly 15 years working in admissions and advising at four different universities, including Cornell University and Purdue University, prior to joining Collegewise. She served as academic advisor with Purdue University’s Freshman Engineering Program for two years, then advised Mathematics and Statistics majors while also recruiting for Purdue’s College of Science for three years. She then spent seven years as Associate Director of Admissions at Cornell University’s College of Engineering where she reviewed more than 10,000 applications from both freshman and transfer applicants.

Today as a member of Collegewise’s elite team, Meredith enjoys helping students of all academic interests and backgrounds find and tell their best stories in their personal essays so they can ultimately be admitted to and attend their best-fit universities. Her Collegewise students have been admitted to schools such as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Bowdoin, Colorado College, UC-San Diego, UT-Austin, Emory, George Washington University, University of Rochester, Mount Holyoke, NYU, Kenyon College, and Tulane University.

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